Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hello everyone!

I decided to make a separate blog for my products so I'd have an address to give out to people so they could have an introduction to the products, as well as a place for people to check up on the price lists, etc.

Lotion Bars which function as lotion and release it little by little into your hands or skin when it begins to melt from your body temperature. It works great as a massage bar like Lush sells, but I have to admit to liking mine much more (and not just because I made it!)

For now it either comes in the shape of a heart or a flower and is about cupcake shaped. Depending on the demand and requests I'm thinking of getting another shape that kind of looks like a lego piece with rounded tops for even better massages.

The scents for now are Lavender, Lemon, and Vanilla. Theoretically the variety of scents could be unlimited, I'm just starting slowly with a base, but I'll gladly make you whatever natural scent you would like with some extra time allowed for getting the essential oils I don't have.

My lip balms here are shown with clear tubes and either yellow lids or clear lids. I am able to tint them different colors, which however will no longer be all organic anymore. The tints only tint the lip balm, but does not rub off. I can also order differently colored tubes and/or lids if a sufficient amount is ordered in advance. For instance my friend Megan is hosting a baby shower for her sister. The baby will be a boy, so we have clear tubes with blue lids and are tinting the lip balm blue as party favors.
Best part for anyone wanting to get a bunch of lip balms? They're actually cheaper than most other lip balms out there, and definitely cheaper than Burt's. I love that my coworkers high school senior son told her they were better than the Burt's Beeswax ones. (They actually have organic beeswax as one part of the base.)

Here is my lavender-oatmeal moisturizer that is most commonly used as an overnight cream:

And here is the newest member of the family, the shower disks:

Unwrap them, place anywhere in the shower, wait, inhale, smell, and relax!

This is what they look like unwrapped. They are also about cupcake sized.

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